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Surely we’ve all seen a movie or TV show where someone attempted to commit murder by locking someone in a sauna and setting the heat to full blast. But a whole survival horror movie built around three people trapped in a sauna as the temperature rises to a dangerous 247°F? That’s a new one.

That’s the premise of the new thriller 247°F from first-time directors Levan Bakhia and Beqa Jguburia and first-time writer Lloyd S. Wagner that was shot in the Republic of Georgia.

Here’s a more detailed synopsis:

Jenna, Renee, Ian, and Michael arrive at a lake house owned by Ian's uncle Wade. Planning for party and fun, three of them end up locked in the sauna. At first they think it is Michael playing jokes on them, but soon they realize that no one is coming to help, not even Wade. The heat is rising, the situation is tense, bodies are to their limits, and personalities change - staying alive is not easy anymore. Breaking the window makes things even worse: Cool air will trick the thermostat to run the heater full blast. They need to get out, but all they can do is wait - but wait for what, wait for whom?! Michael is not coming, and Wade thinks they are at the party. As bodies weaken, mind becomes their first enemy, and patience is on the edge.

Fans of Rob Zombie’s Halloween will be happy to see Laurie Strode and Michael Myers back together again. Scout-Taylor Compton stars as Jenna, and Tyler Mane, who also serves as a producer, is absentee Uncle Wade.

They’ve also called in a Friday the 13th remake victim to help let off some steam in the form of Travis Van Winkle, who plays Ian. Never go to a lake house with Travis Van Winkle unless you’re ready to die. Ex-“Power Ranger” and Night of the Demons victim Michael Copon and Christina Ulloa (“Charmed”) round out the steam bath hostages.

247°F is one of the many movies set to screen at the forthcoming American Film Market so don’t expect to see this one until sometime next year.

And don’t expect Tyler Mane to do much promotion. According to Wikipedia, his Mane Entertainment has severed ties with the production company behind the film over creative differences. What sort of creative differences is not specified.

Not enough steam, perhaps
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